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Partnering with We Roam sets your company apart – both to potential candidates and your current employees. Remote work increases employee productivity, reduces turnover, and even saves your organization money – read on or contact us to learn more.

Percent of remote workers who said they got as much or more work done in less time while working remotely
Percent of the global workforce in 2025 that will be millenials
Average savings per remote employee with reduced overhead costs
Percent of workers that said they’d leave their job for a full time remote position at the same pay


Gain a competitive edge

Desire to attract millennial talent is at an all time high, and many organizations are realizing that traditional incentive plans do not appeal to the younger workforce. Millennials have been repeatedly shown to value experiences and travel over conventional remunerations.

– 92% of millennials want to work remotely, and 87% would prefer to work on their own clock (instead of standard 9 to 5)


Reduce Turnover

Employee attrition rates have increased in recent years as employers struggle to cope with shifting work paradigms and flexible perks from lean start ups. Remote work options have been proven to increase retention among current employees. 

– 44% of millennials say they would, given the choice, like to leave their current employer within the next two years


Network and grow

Roamers will be networking and interacting with professionals and local business leaders in major metropolises and centers of commerce across the globe. We take the professional and personal development of our Roamers very seriously – there will also be ample opportunities for service projects to give back and contribute to the communities we’re visiting.


A We Roam experience is more than just a trip around the world – this is a unique professional opportunity for both your employee and your business. There are a myriad of factors that set us a step above the rest of the crowd of remote work programs:

100% Employment

We believe that this is a trip for professionals. Plenty of people want to travel the world, but we are only interested in curating groups that truly believe in the marriage of work and travel. Therefore, we only accept individuals that will be gainfully employed for the duration of our programs.

Professional Development

Our locations all have numerous opportunities for Roamers to grow themselves and their careers – speakers, skill shares, trainings, and other workshops will be regular components of each trip. In addition, there will be ample opportunities for community outreach in the effort to have meaningful relationships with the locals in each country.

Stellar Team

Our team has a diverse and extensive background in tech, private equity, law, start-ups, and the travel industry. We leverage this experience as well as our contacts home and abroad to provide a seamless venture to Roamers and employers alike. Meet us here


We have taken care of all the details so you will have a turnkey solution for your remote workers. No dorms or hostels. We have prepared for every eventuality, but will be on site 24/7 to accommodate any requests or issues that come up.

Follow Along

 There will be weekly updates sent to employers with roundups on all the professional and social events taking place. This along with our other remote resources will keep you in touch with your employee throughout the trip.

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