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About Us

We Roam is a remote work travel program geared for serious professionals who want to travel the world, keep their jobs, and grow both personally and professionally. We curate trips to over 30 of the most interesting places on earth and provide travel, housing accommodations, and coworking spaces for a cohort of digital nomads. We’re in a different city every month and offer professional development every step of the way.

Our Mission

To provide innovative professionals with a life-changing trip around the world and help them discover their greatest potential, both personally and professionally.

Our Team

Each member of our team represents the spirit of We Roam. Driven, committed, and aware of the limitless opportunities to grow and explore all corners of the world. We go to great lengths to identify dreamers and doers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to produce a well-rounded experience for all who roam with us.

Nathan Yates
Nathan YatesFounder & CEO
Nathan developed a passion for travel as a student while living and traveling throughout Europe and Southeast Asia before completing a JD/MBA and entering the world of corporate law/venture capital. Though mostly confined to a New York City office for the last few years, Nathan never lost his belief that it is possible for bold individuals to pursue their love of travel, without putting their careers on hold. Nathan is devoted to making this belief a reality for like-minded professionals everywhere — ushering in a new era of mobile, remote work forces.
Sean Harvey
Sean HarveyFounder & COO
Sean caught the travel bug after studying abroad in Barcelona in 2009, which later led to working and living in Madrid, Spain from 2010-2012. After returning to the US, he began working in enterprise tech sales for Yelp (first in San Francisco and later in NYC, where he currently resides). While working for Yelp, Sean continued to extensively travel the world and never lost his vision for a location-independent “future workplace”. We Roam was born from the idea that travel and remote work can exist even in normal, everyday companies — combining cultural experiences with professional development that actually advances your career.
Blaine Anderson
Blaine AndersonDirector of Travel Operations
Blaine has always been up for an adventure and realized her passion for travel after spending a summer in Barcelona and studying for 6-months in Buenos Aires during college. After graduating, she moved to NYC to join a top tier luxury travel company, where she worked directly with clients to organize comprehensive, seamless and culturally fulfilling trips. This allowed her to continue to travel the world in search of untouched beaches and the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants. She now brings her travel logistic expertise and personal mantra of “living like a local” to the We Roam team to help ensure that our Roamers have a seamless, authentic and quality experience.
Phil Belleau
Phil BelleauDirector of Sales
Various backpacking trips and a stint living in China kindled Phil’s love of travel and adventure which he still keeps today – even after that altercation with the black-widow spider in Manila. A long time fan of the location independent career, Phil joined We Roam to help deliver that lifestyle to others while still helping them maintain and develop robust professional lives. Phil has started several businesses of his own, everything from house flipping to tutoring companies. He brings this entrepreneurial spirit as well as experience in the software and wearables start-up realms to the We Roam team to help foster and grow our mission.
Alexandra Martin
Alexandra MartinDigital Content & Social Media Lead
Alex’s story – growing up in the Canadian Rockies and studying/working/living in Boston, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and New York City – reflects the We Roam ethos of an immersive travel lifestyle. She worked in the entertainment industry for seven years, most recently developing linear and digital content for NBCUniversal. She brings her passion for photography, content creation, brand storytelling and travel to the We Roam team. Through her lens, she sees a unique story in every Roamer, no matter the destination, and is compelled to capture and share it with the world.
Sofía Aguilar Benitez
Sofía Aguilar BenitezSouth America Lead
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Sofi brings her extensive real estate background and international experience to the We Roam team. After spending 2 years living and working in Madrid, Sofi returned to BA to provide our Roamers with an authentic and local experience. Professional experience and local expertise aside, her spunky and energetic personality is contagious and she always goes above and beyond expectations.
Katharine Lotz
Katharine LotzProgram Lead & Operations
Born and raised just outside New York City, Katie has always been deeply interested in exploring new cultures, languages, and destinations. After time spent in Asia traveling the region and living in China, Katie returned to New York City and worked for a top tier luxury travel company. It was there that she expanded her love for travel and sharpened her skills of organizing trip logistics and maintaining overseas partner relations. Katie is excited to bring these skills, and her love of exploration and karaoke, to the We Roam team.
Billy Schreyer
Billy SchreyerProgram Lead & Admissions
Billy left the world of corporate advertising 3 years ago and has never looked back. Born in LA and raised in the Northwest, he is a fierce advocate for pursuing your dreams and passions. Whether skydiving in Queenstown or solo backpacking through Southeast Asia, he is always up for an adventure. In recent years, Billy has filled multiple roles in launching startups within industries as varied as commercial insurance and online educational platforms targeted to athletes. Billy joined We Roam so that he could share his love for innovative thinking and pushing beyond one’s comfort zone. His motto is stay patient and trust your journey!
Eli Harris
Eli HarrisProgram Lead & Partnerships
A genuine networker, travel junkie, and techie who believes you don’t have to give up your career to see the world. Eli’s story starts with Southeastern roots but a global mindset. He caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Florence, Italy where he studied Mediterranean cuisine and Italian wines (yes, really). His diverse background ranges from launching a travel professional development program, recruiting, and software sales in NYC and Washington, D.C. He lives by the quote “spontaneity brings out the best in us” and his favorite website is the ‘Explore destinations’ option of GoogleFlights. Eli joined We Roam to help bridge the gap between travel and professional development.
Heather Stephens
Heather StephensMarketing Lead
Travel the world, build meaningful connections, meet interesting people, and share the story. This has become Heather’s mantra for life. Her passion for travel was sparked during a trip across Europe. It was through her exploration of Europe’s cities, blending old-world with contemporary, that she discovered the transformative power of cultural immersion as a tool for personal and professional development. After returning from her trip to her job as a marketing strategist for a Seattle-based women’s running apparel company, she searched for a way to marry her two loves of travel and brand storytelling, which is ultimately what led her to We Roam. Heather joined our team to utilize her expertise as a marketing strategist to share the mission of We Roam with the world.
Michaela Murray
Michaela MurrayProgram Lead & PR
Having lived a relatively nomadic life growing up in South Africa, Michaela developed a sense of adventure that would see her traveling to parts of Northern America, Europe, South East Asia and other regions of Africa. It was this same yearning to explore that eventually led Michaela to Australia to complete her Master’s Degree in Criminology. She immersed herself in a new culture for over three years, working in a government policy and PR role, continually battling the need to assign competing priority to personal and professional development – until she came across We Roam. With the common vision that these elements can be effectively integrated, Michaela joined We Roam to apply her skills in public relations and facilitate an experience in which Roamers can holistically thrive.