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While the full-year experience remains a popular option, we allow complete flexibility when it comes to trip lengths (subject to a 3 month minimum). For more details, fill out an application here and one of our team members will reach out to discuss.

Head over to the itineraries page for our currently planned trips.

You tell us! Our itineraries are not meant to be rigid, linear trips with set starts and/or stops. As long as an itinerary isn’t full, you can join whenever you want. Our flexible platform, combined with our strong full-year demand, creates a unique dynamic where you have a core group of longer term Roamers mingling with Roamers who are rotating in and out on a quarterly basis. No matter when you start, you can bet you will have others joining at the same time as you.  

Of course! The only requirement is that you stay for a minimum of 3 months on each itinerary.

Many of our Roamers have a month or two that they need to skip due to any number of reasons (from weddings to work conferences). All you need to do is tell us sufficient notice of which month(s) you need to skip, and we will plan ahead. No penalties, no holding fees. Simply rejoin after your absence and resume monthly payments.

We got you covered. You will not only have the option of jumping onto one of our many other itineraries once your original itinerary “ends”, but we specifically launch new itineraries that fit together with the others, allowing Roamers to seamlessly continue their adventure.

Your reservation fee is not a deposit. It does not go “towards” any of your monthly fees. Rather, it is a part of the overall cost of the program that we pull up front to allow us to book accommodations, flights and workspaces months in advance. This also allows us to offer a true month-to-month model that does not penalize people if they need to permanently leave the trip for whatever reason (your contract will provide additional details).

All of our accommodations have kitchens.

You need to be an interesting, collaborative, well-balanced person who currently has (or has a plan/the ability to secure and maintain) full-time remote employment during the trip.

We have a simple two-step process:

1- Submit your application here.
2- One of our team members will reach out to schedule a video call and discuss your application further, as well as answer any questions you may have.

The exact number of Roamers will vary depending on a variety of factors, but our groups are typically around 30-40 people.

Of course! We offer a couples discount of 20% off of the monthly fee.

Yes! Please head over to our Employer Partner page to get in touch and discuss the benefits of a partnership.


Other questions? Send us a quick note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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